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High standards, extensive know-how, passion for innovation and the drive for continuous improvement is the environment where Helios smart coatings are born. We have the vision to develop Helios into one of the greatest coating companies in Europe. That guides us to the introduction of numerous new products and approaches for our customers that are realized by our best people, tools and ideas.

Rembrandtin Lack GmbH Nfg. KG

The history of Rembrandtin Lack GmbH Nfg. KG dates back to the year 1937. Today, the company is a specialist for high-tech coatings like protective coatings, high-temperature resistant systems, core plate varnishes or railway coatings. Decades of experience make Rembrandtin a reliable partner with global approvals from market leaders in the general industry and the automotive sector. Since 2014, the company is part of the Helios Group, which belongs to the top ten companies of the European coatings industry.