January 19, 2023

Much has happened and much is yet to happen in the coatings branch. “Adapting to change” is therefore a powerful metaphor for the path that is behind us and the path that lies ahead. Our new issue of TRUE COLOURS, which is out now, testifies to the creativity, inspiration, know-how and strength with which we meet and have met this challenge.

Especially now at the beginning of the year, let yourself be inspired by the many stories we have to tell as a group! Enjoy browsing through our new issue of TRUE COLOURS.

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April 20, 2022

We are presenting our wide range of liquid coatings, powder coatings, e-coat, gelcoats as well as industrial adhesives and sealants at the world’s leading trade fair for industrial coating technology. PaintExpo spans the entire range of international products and services in the supply chain for industrial coating technology.

Our expert team is looking forward to meeting you in Hall 2 on booth 2128 from 26 – 29 April 2022.

You are welcome to book a personal meeting with our team now by email.

January 17, 2022

At KANSAI HELIOS, we are daily monitoring developments regarding coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak and implementing various preventive measures aligned with the recommendations of state institutions.

Below please find the latest updates, measures and guidelines related to the topic.


At HELIOS, we have introduced several measures since the outbreak of the coronavirus (COVID-19) in order to avoid disruptions of our operations as well to ensure safe working conditions for our employees. During these challenging times our core values, responsibility, customer focus, speed & efficiency and professionalism reflect more than ever in everything we do. We are consistently doing utmost to provide best possible service and to meet our customers’ expectations.

Our production sites are operating with only minor disruptions, considering local restrictions and measures. Similarly, we are experiencing minimal disruptions to our raw material supplies. As the situation with the suppliers across the Europe and transport companies changes daily, please note that some delays in our deliveries and longer waiting times are possible.

In accordance with local government ordinances, this week we have reopened our retail stores for DIY  customers in Slovenia, while our retail stores in Austria, Czech Republic and Slovakia have already been opened in previous weeks.

Furthermore, we would like to inform you that our production site Helios TBLUS in Slovenia will not operate between April 27, 2020 and May 1, 2020, due to the public holidays. However, our logistic operations will remain undisrupted, therefore please align your shipments through your standard contacts.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation during this exceptional situation.

At HELIOS, the situation regarding operation of our productions sites and raw material supplies remains unchanged and is very much the same as last week. The same applies to the measures taken to ensure health and safety of our employees and other stakeholders.

To stem the spread of coronavirus, Russia prolonged its preventive measures and non-working period until April 30, 2020. Since the authorities draw up different measures by regions, please turn to your standard contacts within HELIOS for more information and updates on shipments and deliveries.

Response to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak

Statement regarding COVID-19 outbreak

Due to the current situation around COVID-19, PaintExpo in Karlsruhe is postponed. PaintExpo will be held from October 12-15, 2020.

More information can be found at

April 22, 2021

From April 1, the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board has been performing its function. Four executive directors joined their strengths to support the growth strategy of the KANSAI HELIOS Group. A strong focus on environmentally friendly products and processes, employee health and safety, continuous research and development as well as strategic investments represent big steps towards future success on the European market.

In recent years, HELIOS has been intensifying its activities for environmental protection. The company developed and designed solutions, which not only protect objects, but also extend their lifetime significantly. New coatings solutions to reduce the consumption of all types of resources and the products’ carbon footprint have been launched. Raw materials from renewable resources are step by step replacing conventional materials. Energy is generated entirely from renewable sources or produced in our own solar power plants. Production processes are continuously improved to reduce waste and respectively reuse the waste in the production process. A year ago, we launched our internal initiative “We turn it green” to raise awareness of each individual employee, because even the small actions in terms of environmental protection, such as reducing water or paper consumption, contribute to the realization of KANSAI HELIOS’ sustainability goals.

KANSAI HELIOS Management Board
fltr: Dietmar Jost, Junichi Kajima, Mitsuru Masunaga, Bastian Krauss

All of these efforts take an even greater importance with the start of the new KANSAI HELIOS Group Management Board in early April. The board is formed by four Executive Directors, who not only embody the further strategic growth course of HELIOS, but also express the closer cooperation and collaboration with both shareholders, KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI.

  • Mr. Junichi Kajima, President, Executive Director
  • Mr. Mitsuru Masunaga, Executive Vice President, Executive Director
  • Mr. Dietmar Jost, Executive Director
  • Mr. Bastian Krauss, Executive Director

Mitsuru Masunaga, Dietmar Jost and Bastian Krauss will split their focus to strategically important key areas according to their professional background, while Mr. Junichi Kajima, the President, will supervise all areas. The new structure will further improve management efficiency and support KANSAI PAINT’s growth strategy towards a unified global company group. Environmental Social Governance will play an essential role on that journey.

Junichi Kajima has made it his goal to further sharpen KANSAI HELIOS strengths and additionally improve its profitability:

“The KANSAI HELIOS Group has been delivering sustainable profit growth while building a solid business foundation in a challenging business environment. This is the result of excellent teamwork and ongoing investments in new technologies, products, and research & development. And these investments, as well as investments in human resources coupled with a safe working environment, will continue. Our responsibility as a chemical company is also to make a valuable contribution to the future of our planet and society. Together with the KANSAI PAINT headquarters in Japan, we are working on joint sustainability projects as part of our ESG management. And in this context, the area of compliance is fundamental, because it is our basic management principle to develop and implement honest and fair corporate activities. My mission is to extend and sustainably expand the company´s success into the future and thus contribute to making the KANSAI PAINT Group a leading global company.”

Mitsuru Masunaga will have a strong focus on upholding and maintaining the company’s reputation and will further strengthen and support the company´s growth strategy through organic and inorganic approaches:

“We live in rapidly changing times where employee values and corporate integrity are constantly being tested. At KANSAI HELIOS, we have defined our core values and a standard of expected business behaviour in our Code of Conduct, which helps our employees make the right decisions. As ethical behaviour is an integral part of our culture, we will continue to put a strong focus on its further development and implementation. How the public perceives us is a key success factor for the further growth of the company, which will be one of my main targets. Leveraging closer cooperation and collaboration with KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI will additionally open up new opportunities and synergies for us and our business partners.”

Dietmar Jost will primarily focus on the further development of the sales strategy in Europe:

“We are striving for long-term partnerships with our customers throughout Europe. A well-educated sales team is essential and sharing our know-how with customers goes one step further. Within the framework of our HELIOS Master Classes, we will further strengthen our training and information program and thus intensify our partnerships. Integrating and exchanging state-of-the-art products and technologies with KANSAI PAINT and MITSUI will continue to enrich our assortment and to create innovations which strengthen HELIOS’ position as a system supplier on the European market. Furthermore, we will continue to promote cross-industry partnerships with the potential to develop solutions that contribute to society.”

Bastian Krauss will work intensively to further upgrade production technologies and safety:

“Technologies in the industrial manufacturing change extremely rapidly in order to deliver products faster and create a more flexible production process. The size of our group allows us to draw on a pool of experience and integrate it into our production processes in line with our growth strategy. Best practice learnings, new technologies and optimized processes are steadily entering all our entities and operational fields. Additional investments will intensify our effort in environmentally friendly activities and developments. In these dynamic processes we will be regularly monitoring the safety and health of all employees by continuing and advancing our occupational zero-accident-policy.“

The company’s intense focus on environmentally friendly processes, a strong cooperation between all KANSAI HELIOS Group members and smart investments in new technologies as well as human resources can only intensify our good results. The new Group Management Board is using their expertise to further develop and improve all sides of business operations, our position on the market as well as our sustainability goals.  |  |

April 29, 2020

The demand for surfaces preventing bacteria thriving has been growing on the market, especially in those times. Examples are hospitals, public transport, places selling or offering food products (restaurants, markets), pharmaceutical industry, etc. These anti-bacterial protection has to offer specific properties, such as:

  • high anti-microbial effect,
  • long lasting efficency (durability),
  • no migration of active chemical in the cured film – no contamination of the matter in contact with anti-bacterial surfaces,
  • low depletion from the film during cleaning procedure and
  • low toxicity

Under our traditional brand Color Powder Coatings (CPC), we offer anti-bacterial powder coatings based on well verified inorganic silver compound.  Inorganic nature of this compound prevents its migration and gives high chemical stability of anti-bacterial powder coatings. Compared to competitor products low concentration levels of inorganic silver compound are used in CPC anti-bacterial powder coatings and far longer anti-bacterial activity is assured. They are efficient against a wide range of bacteria species. Almost all types of Color Powder Coatings can be developed as anti-bacterial powder for different surfaces and applications indoor, outdoor as well as for different surface appearances. Transparent anti-bacterial powder is an additional option. The anti-bacterial efficiency of Color Powder Coatings was tested according to Japanese standard JIS Z 2801-2010 on two different bacteria species : Escherichia coli and Staphylococcus aureus. The graph below shows the number of living bateria per cm2 at the beginning of the test (t=0) and after 24 hours testing (t=24 hrs); y axis is logarithmic:


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